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Kale and Coco was an idea that had unknowingly been building for some time...

Jenny and Rebecca got their first taste of warmer climates after spending a summer in Hawaii in 2010, where you would get thrown fresh mangos walking down the street and sip out of a coconut on the beach. Since then they have grown together through college in Boston and their first jobs in both Boston and New York. They experienced the farm to table movement in the US and the many health trends that came with it. Through it all, they began to learn one underlying thing - that the food we eat has a large impact on the health of our bodies and of our planet.

In 2015, they travelled together through Central and South America, New Zealand, Australia and Asia, spending a large amount of time searching for the best food they could find. After returning from their adventures they were not satisfied with the idea of going back to their corporate lives and took a keen interest in watching Dublin’s health and wellness scene grow to rival that of other leading cities around the world. Kale and Coco is their humble way of contributing to that growth.


Kale is definitely having a moment and is recognized as one of the great superfoods, but it’s also one of Ireland’s most widely available and commonly grown crops. Coco comes from coconuts, and represents our love for the many places we travelled to with slightly more tropical climates. Kale + Coco brings together two of our favourite things - coming home and travelling abroad, and is our way of bringing a little taste of the tropics to Ireland.

Our mission is to engage the Irish population in a conversation around food; to create a conscious eating culture; to build a platform where people feel comfortable exploring new foods and to provide fast, on-the-go, healthy food options for the busy people of Ireland so that they can fuel themselves to continue pursuing their own dreams. And do it all with a smile.

After two years of pop-ups and festivals, we finally found a permanent home in Stoneybatter, Dublin 7 and KALE+COCO cafe opened in February 2019.

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